Hello dear friends, we are the founders of this brand and our passion for our jewelry knows no bounds. The name TUB É L was derived from our own names. As best friends who have been like sisters since childhood, we dreamed of this day and this brand. At the age of 15, we chose the name TUB É L, hoping that one day it would represent our dream jewelry collection. For us, jewelry is a symbol of love and an expression of ourselves.

The name TUB É L has a deeper meaning. The "T" (Timeless) stands for timelessness, because our jewelry should continue to inspire for many years to come. The "U" (Unique) stands for uniqueness, because each of our pieces of jewelry is unique. The "B" (Beauty) stands for pure beauty, because our jewelry should emphasize the beauty of the wearer. The "É" (Èlegance) stands for elegance, because our jewelry should bring a touch of elegance to everyday life. The "L" (Love) stands for love, because our jewelry is an expression of love for ourselves and for others. Our unique jewelry combines all of this. It embodies a timeless, unique beauty that is surrounded by elegance and fulfilled love. Our inspiration for this jewelry comes from the Aegean Sea, because our roots lie there and connect us in a very special way.